3rd Annual SPARTAN Meeting

Baltimore, MD, April 19, 2018


Materials from the Meeting (April 2018)

SPARTAN Overview and Motivations

Randall Martin  (Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie U., NS) [PDF Slides]

Connections of SPARTAN with Global Health

Michael Brauer (UBC, BC) [PDF Slides]

Historical Perspecitves on Health Effects of PM2.5 and future challenges

Aaron Choen (Health Effects Institute, Massachusetts, MD) [PDF Slides] 

Overview and Update of Spartan Activities

Paul Bissonnette (Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie U., NS) [PDF Slides] 

Interpreting  SPARTAN Composition Measurements with GEOS-Chem

Crystal Weagle ( Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie U., NS) [PDF Slides]

Vital Strategies: Oppurtunities to Develop SPARTAN for Public Health

Sumi Metha (Vital Strategies) [PDF Slides]  

Organic carbon characterization and quantification with small volume nebulization and offline-HR-ToF-AMS

Rachel O’Brien (William and Mary, Virgina) [PDF Slides] 

AERONET Activities and Future Plans

David Giles (NASA, GSFC) [PDF Slides] 

MPLNET Activities and Connections with SPARTAN

 Judd Welton (NASA, GSFC) [PDF Slides] 

Building Collaborative, open-source community tools on top of OpenAQ

Christa Hasenkopf (OpenAQ) [PDF Slides] 

New Deep Blue Aerosol Products: VIIRS, MODIS C6.1, and AVHRR

Andrew Sayer (NASA GSFC) [PDF Slides] 

State of the Dark-Target Aerosol Retrieval on Multiple Satellite Sensors

Robert Levy and the Dark Target Aerosol Team (NASA, GSFC) [PDF Slides] 

The Potential of Mobile Monitoring of PM2.5 and Black Carbon in large Brazilian Cities to Augment SPARTAN, GEOS-Chem and Remote Sensing PM2.5 Validation Exercises

Mark Gibson (Department of Civil and Resource Engineering, Dalhousie U) [PDF Slides]