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The Surface Particulate Matter Network (SPARTAN): An Emerging Grassroots Global Monitoring Activity

Randall Martin, AGU, December 2018, Washingtion, USA [PDF Talk]

New Capability for In-Situ Measurements of Particulate Matter Using a Size-Selecting Nephelometer as Part of the SPARTAN Network

Vanderlei Martins, AGU, December 2018, Washington, USA [PDF Poster]

Health effects and mechanisms caused by organic aerosol components

Yinon Rudich, IGAC/iCACGP, 26 Sept 2018, Takamatsu, Japan [PDF Poster]

SPARTAN: A Global Monitoring Network to Evaluate and Enhance Satellite Based Estimates of Ground Level Particulate Matter Pollution 

Mark Gibson, AeroCenter Update, 9 July 2018, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Visitor Center [PDF Poster]


Trace Metals in Fine and Coarse Aerosols: Emerging Results from SPARTAN  

Graydon Snider, Canadian Chemistry Conference, Halifax, NS, June 8, 2016 [PDF Talk]

Interpreting the Relationship Between Ground Level Fine Particulate Matter and Total-Column Aerosol Optical Depth with SPARTAN and a Global Chemical Transport Model 

Crystal  Weagle. Canadian Chemistry Conference, Halifax, NS June 6, 2016 [PDF presentation] 

Variation in Global Chemical Composition of PM2.5: Emerging Results from SPARTAN 

Graydon Snider. Canadian Chemistry Conference, Halifax, NS, June 6, 2016.  [PDF presentation] 

Chemical PM2.5 Speciation in Major Cities Worldwide 

Graydon Snider, Crystal Weagle, Michael Brauer, Aaron Cohen, Mark Gibson, Yang Liu, Vanderlei Martins, Yinon Rudich, Randall Martin. European Geophysical Union, Vienna, April 18, 2016
 [PDF presentation]
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