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Here you can find a historical archive of SPARTAN's standard operating procedures (SOPs). Changes in specific versions are denoted by a a change in number and or decimal after the primary number designating the SOP revision. Large changes, to the method are denoted by the primary number, and smaller procedural changes are denoted by a change in the decimal. All updates to the SOPs will be accompanied by a date. The date denotes when change was made, and applied to all further analysis going forward, until a new version is applied. The current version of the SOP for a particular technic can always be found on the SOP page. 

Archived SOPs Gravimetric Analysis

This, the first historical SOP we have for SPARTAN analysis is a reorganisation providing clarification for data users to SPARTANs Gravimetric analysis methods. This SOP was applied in July 2018. 

This revision of the SOP adds data validation information and was applied in August 2018

This revision added a note on rotameter calibration procedures and applied in March 2019. 

Archived Trace Metals Analysis SOPs

This is the first archived revision we have for Trace metals analysis with the Inductively Coupled Plasma- Mass Spectrometry technic, which added aqua regia digestion, introduced method validation procedure and updated contamination control methods and applies after July 2018

Removed information on aqua regia digestion as it is no longer performed and added data validation to include blank correction, this revision applies as of April 2019. This was the last SOP for ICP-MS as the network transitioned to XRF for Trace Metal analysis in fall of 2019

This is the initial SOP for X-Ray Fluorescence analysis and applied December 2019

This revision reorganised and clarified the SOP for X-Ray Fluorescence analysis and applied April 2020

This revision added to processes for calibration and data validation and applied July 2021

Archived Ion Chromatography SOPs

This is the original revision that we have archived for IC analysis, which incorporated the use of the dual Integrion IC system and applied March 2020

This revision of the IC SOP added everything needed for incorporating HMS anion column, including manual eluent generation, and applied Nov 2020

Archived Reconstructed Fine Mass SOPs

This first archived version of this SOP details the steps taken to calculate the Reconstructed Fine Mass data product which accompanies analysis specific data and applies as of August 2018

This revisions details the transition from use of ICP-MS for trace metals calculations and applied as of April 2020

Time Resolved PM2.5

This revision is a general reorganisation and clarification and updates to classification of satellite overpass and applied as of April 2018

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